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All day bounce pass is $13

Big game pass is $5

10 kid party ranges from $250 to $275

20 kid party ranges from $300 to $325

Walk-in parties are $50 for 1 table. (still need to buy wristbands and tokens)

Only guest who are having a birthday party or renting a table can bring in food and drinks.

Socks must be worn at all times.

No silly string or glitter inside the buildings.

All children from walking to 16 years old must buy a $12 wristband to enter Play Big.

After your party has completed within the 2 hours, you must leave the party area and take all party supplies and gifts to your car.

Wristbands for parties are only to be givin out during the party time slot. Once your party time has ended the guest with wristbands can stay and play all day, but anyone else after the party time would have to pay to get into Play Big.

Wristbands can’t be transferred to other gues